Thursday 27 December 2012

OPI Espresso Your Style with Konad Stamping

Today I'd like to share OPI Espresso Your Style which is a gorgeous warm, chocolate brown polish on its own - but I can't help myself and added some stamping . . .

Base colour: OPI Espresso Your Style
Nail plate: Konad M57
Stamp colour: China Glaze 2030
Topped with Essie Good to Go

Wednesday 26 December 2012

OPI Espresso Your Style - perfect chocolate brown!

Wow - if you're into brown polish then this is a 'must have'! Admittedly I bought it for it's catchy name, but I am not disappointed. Espresso Your Style is from the Deliciously Dark collection around 2006 I think. This is a gorgeous chocolate brown with tons of gold micro shimmer.

This shows two coats.

Tuesday 25 December 2012

Nina Ricci #24 with Stamping

I'd almost completely forgotten about my little stash of Nini Ricci polishes - have a look here and here for some of the other amazing colours.

This polish is difficult to describe - I guess I'd have to call it a dusty rose creme. It is effortless to apply and the colour payoff is fabulous. This shows two coats.

Base colour: Nina Ricci #24
Nail plate: Bundle Monster BM 318
Stamp colour: China Glaze Hi-Tek
Topped with Essie Good to Go

Monday 24 December 2012

Essie Fiesta with Cheeky Stamping

It's been ages since my last post - my busy life got in the way of manicures! Anyway with the holidays here now I've finally got a bit of spare time to post some pictures.

Today I'm wearing Essie Fiesta which is a hot pink - almost neon pink actually. Perfect for our summer days! This is an easy to apply formula and like most Essie polishes dries quickly with heaps of shine.

I'm really impressed with this Cheeky stamp. The image is crystal clear and transferred really well!

Base colour: Essie Fiesta
Nail plate: CH10
Stamp colour: China Glaze 2030
Topped with Essie Good to Go

Saturday 29 September 2012

Layla Hologram Effect - Purple Illusion WOWZERS!

Yeah baby! This is easily one of the most holographic polishes in my collection. This is seriously a gorgeous colour. It's a beautiful muted dusty fuschia in the shade but in the sun its breathtaking! The formula is typical of a holographic polish, quick drying and easy to apply. This is over one coat of Nfu Oh's Aqua Base.


In the shade

Saturday 22 September 2012

Layla Hologram Effect - Coffee Love WOW!!

It's my pleasure to share this gorgeous polish with you today. Layla Hologram Effect - Coffee Love. This is not only an amazing linear holographic polish but I love that it's actually a very wearable colour too! In the shade it's a subtle warm taupe and then in the sun WHAM!

The formula is typical of Layla - easy to apply and dries quickly. I applied this over one coat of Nfu Oh Aqua Base and didn't have any hassles.

So here are the pics . . .

Wednesday 19 September 2012

OPI Call Me Gwen-Ever with Cheeky stamping

I just love a dusty orange! OPI's Call Me Gwen-Ever is a vibrant coral tangerine pretty similar to CG's Life Preserver. I couldn't go past this polish - especially since I have a good friend called Gwynne! This shows three coats.

Base colour: OPI Call Me Gwen-Ever
Nail plate: CH14
Stamp colour: China Glaze 2030
Topped with Essie Good to Go

Monday 17 September 2012

Enchanted Polish - Awesomeness!

Today I'd like to share the divine Awesomeness from Enchanted Polish - and Awesome it is! It's purple and it's holographic - so I dare say it certainly meets that criteria. This is my first Enchanted Polish and it's a pleasure to use. The formula is effortless and dries pretty quickly - although not as fast as typical of many holographic polishes.

Here are the swatches . . . .

Monday 3 September 2012

A England Tristam with Cheeky stamping

Today's polish is from the gorgeous A England Mythicals collection and is the beautiful Tristam. This reminds me of dark navy denim and has a scattered holographic effect. Unfortunately the sun would not cooperate to show how lovely it looks outside. Nevertheless it's still a gorgeous colour and the application is a dream. This is almost a one coater but I applied two for evenness.

I recently purchased the Cheeky stamping plates and this is CH7 - so nice to have such a variety of plates to select from!

Base colour: A England Tristam
Nail plate: CH7
Stamp colour: China Glaze SciFi
Topped with Essie Good to Go

Friday 31 August 2012

Essie Silken Cord with CC Fame & Fortune Flakies!!

Today I'd like to show you the vibrant Silken Cord from Essie. This is such a gorgeous coral red that is perfect for spring (which officially starts tomorrow here!) As expected the formula is creamy and easy to apply.

Two coats - no topcoat
Taken in my lightbox which detracts a bit from its shininess
I was kindly sent this gorgeous bottle of polish from USANailsOnline and I'm delighted to show off this amazing bottle of holographic flakiness! Fame & Fortune is from the Backstage Pass collection.

Look at those flakies!!!

This is one coat over Silken Cord.

In fact I enjoyed this combo so much I made it into a pendant!

Monday 20 August 2012

OPI Kiss Me on My Tulips with new BM stamping / New BM plate holder

Today I'd like to share this pretty pink from OPI's Dutch collection. Kiss Me on My Tulips is a vibrant blue based pink which is very pigmented and opaque in two coats. The formula is easy to use and dries quickly. This is one of the new plates from Bundle Monster and the image is very detailed and fine. I thought it transferred ok but it was necessary to clean the plate between each nail.

Base colour: OPI Kiss Me on My Tulips
Nail plate: BM-315
Stamp colour: China Glaze 2030
Topped with Essie Good to Go

I recently bought one of Bundle Monsters plate holders. This is a fabulous investment. Until now I had been using a credit card holder but with wriggling the plates in and out it was practically falling apart. I love how this folder is robustly made. It has a zip closure which means nothing can fall out and the little pockets have a cutout so it's easy to pull a plate out. There is heaps of storage and each pocket can store two plates.

The cost of the holder was US$14.99 plus US$4.00 for shipping - so a pretty good bargain!

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