Konad Tutorial

This is how I do my Konad stamping . . .

First I get everything I need all ready and laid out on a paper towel. I like to have my nail polish remover in a pump bottle as it is convenient and easily accessible. I use lint free wipes because there's nothing more frustrating than tiny little cotton fibres stuck to everything.

I've chosen this plate from Konad M79

Start with freshly painted (but dry) nails . . . This is OPI Ginger Bells!

Time to apply the stamping polish to the plate. I'm using China Glaze Hi-Tek (my favourite!) Just brush it all over the image you have chosen . . .

Next you will scrape off the excess polish to leave the plate ready to be stamped. I have a confession at this point - I actually use an old credit card as I find the Konad stamper scratches the daylights out of my plates. Either works fine but you need to be mindful of holding it at a similar angle to shown below to scrape off properly. You can see why you need to have a paper towel underneath as it's a messy process.

From here you need to move quickly before the polish dries. Firmly push the rubber stamper down onto the scraped image.

The image transfers neatly to the rubber stamper. If at this point the image hasn't transferred correctly I start the process again. Whatever is on the stamper is what will be transferred to your nail. And if you haven't done this process quickly enough you'll find the image is half dried on the plate and hasn't transferred well to the stamper.

Quickly roll the stamper over your nail, placing it in the correct position and firmly but gently rolling from one side of your nail to the other. Sorry couldn't photograph this as I needed both hands to stamp!

Image is now applied to your polished nail. Repeat the procedure for each nail. Start by cleaning the nail plate and any remaining polish on the rubber stamper. I use acetone and lint free wipes. Just a quick wipe and a quick dry and you're ready to go again. I know many people say that it's not necessary to clean the plate between stamps but I always do. I find it makes for a cleaner, sharper stamped image.

And it's time to clean up your cuticles where the image has gone over the edge of your nail. Just use a cotton bud (what we call them here in NZ but I think the universal term is Q-tip! lol) soaked in acetone and gently wipe away any access from your cuticles.

And now you're finished. Allow the image time to dry thoroughly and then it's time to apply a top coat and you're good to go.

Just a word on applying top coat. I use Seche Vite and I apply it very generously in about three strokes. You don't want to touch the stamped image at all with the brush or there's every possibility it could drag your newly stamped image down your nail - not a good look! I must admit I've never had that happen with any of the China Glaze Khrome polishes I like to use for stamping but it has happened with the Konad Special Polishes.

So that's how I do my stamping - hope that helps anyone starting out.


  1. I'm new to stamping and I found you explained it very well...simple and understandable...THX!♥

  2. I'm always worried i'll damage my varnish on nail when wiping the plate;)


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