Saturday 22 September 2012

Layla Hologram Effect - Coffee Love WOW!!

It's my pleasure to share this gorgeous polish with you today. Layla Hologram Effect - Coffee Love. This is not only an amazing linear holographic polish but I love that it's actually a very wearable colour too! In the shade it's a subtle warm taupe and then in the sun WHAM!

The formula is typical of Layla - easy to apply and dries quickly. I applied this over one coat of Nfu Oh Aqua Base and didn't have any hassles.

So here are the pics . . .


  1. I love the color, and the holo is amazing! Nice swatches! :)

  2. Holy Crap! Another brown holo? YAY! Maybe the world is finally realizing what I know and that is brown is gorgeous!


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