Monday 26 September 2011

Nina Ricci #30 - Coral beauty!

This is another one of the miniature bottles I got in a package of 5. This is No. 30 (I think, it's extremely hard to read the number on the bottom). I've not really heard of this brand, but have just managed to score another 5 pack of mini polishes for an exceptionally good deal of $15.00 (RRP is $131.00 *gasp*)

The website I bought these polishes off says that "Nina Ricci polishes contain UV filter & vitamin E to protect nails from free radicals and they are Formaldehyde free & toluene free. Nina Ricci is a French high end brand with roots in fashion couture. The brand is ultimately renowned for representing femininity through romantic, luxurious designs and capturing the essence of a natural woman in their products."

As far as application goes - this can't be beaten. Aside from the smallish brush which of course is the downside of a mini polish, the formula is outstanding. It's easy to apply and opaque in two coats and the colour pay off is really quite something else. I am in LOVE with this colour.

It's very difficult to photograph the amazingness of this luscious colour and capture the subtle gold shimmer, but you can just see it in the bottle shot.

So who else is familiar with this brand? I can't seem to find any other swatches anywhere . . . . in the meantime, BEHOLD . . . .


  1. That polish is amazing!

  2. I have never heard of this brand before. I really love the coral though. It's stunning!


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