Thursday 1 September 2011

Oh Boy - Hauls - Hauls - Hauls!!

Well today is my lucky day - I've been merrily shopping away online (giving my credit card a workout!) and today all my hauls arrived at once! Wow, I've been really naughty!

Sooooo here we go . . . thought I'd share . . .

NaildeRoyale haul

Thanks to Chitchat Nails review I decided to give this website a go and they are amazing. I got such a great bargain. Nail Polish here in NZ is expensive ($27 for OPI and $15 for China Glaze) so with the exchange rate how it is, and only $13.95 for international shipping - it's all good for me!

So this is what arrived . . .

Items were extremely well packaged (almost annoyingly so!) and they threw in a free nail file and Touring America colour sheet.

(L-R): OPI: Blue My Mind, Teal The Cows Come Home, Prize Winning Mare, Brownstone, Far Out, Street Chic, Essie (my first Essie polishes): Very Structured, Glamour Purse - Seche Base and Top coat

Ebay Haul

Then my ebay haul arrived . . .

Both of these brands are a first for me.

(L-R): Nubar: Golden Glow, Zoya: Colette, Irene, Charla, Ivanka, Veruschka (matte)
Wow - I can't wait to try these!

Designer Brands Haul

While I was at the pharmacy I saw these lovely polishes and since they specified they were Formaldehyde and Toulene free I thought I'd give them a go. I might add that this was before I got home and discovered all my other treasures!

(L-R) Rouge Bronze, Glitterama, Mauve Delight

China Glaze Haul

And last but not least my China Glaze items arrived which I purchased at a great price (for NZ anyway) off a website called

(L-R): Foxy, Swing Baby, Hey Doll, Below Deck, White Out, Custom Kicks, Emerald Fitzgerald and the China Glaze Gel Fortifier

Wow - so do you think that's enough?? lol I think I should hand in my credit card and be good for a long time!


  1. That's a great haul .... I went crazy shopping this month I'm almost ashamed to show everything I bought lol .... love all your choices!

  2. Awesome haul! I don't blame you. Those prices you listed are absurd. I couldn't imagine paying that!

  3. Oh good - I feel a lot better now! lol

  4. Hi there,

    Just wondering if you get all your China Glaze off the internet? I'm from NZ too, and I am struggling to find it anywhere other than salons.

  5. Hi Ashleigh, I get a lot of China Glaze polishes from and also of Trademe.

  6. Awwww my china glaze order from nzsale was all wrong. I ordered 6 polishes and got sent 3 completely wrong ones. They couldn't fix it. I had to send it back and ended up with nothing :( I was really annoyed.


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