Monday 26 September 2011

Orly zebra stripes

I've been wanted to give some zebra stripes a try for a while now . . . and having done it, I'm really not that thrilled with the result. For some reason I'm just not that struck with how it turned out. Anyway I thought I'd share the final result.

The base is Orly Matte Vinyl which is a lovely opaque formula. It goes on super easily and is quick drying. Then I stamped using China Glaze Millennium which is very nice to stamp with (as long as you are quick!) I finished with Essie Good to Go and then China Glazes Matte Magic on top of that.

Base colour: Orly Matte Vinyl
Nail plate: Konad M57
Stamp colour: China Glaze Millennium

So is it better glossy or matte?


  1. Personally, I'm a shiny freak! I do a new layer of topcoat every day so my nails always are super shiny!

  2. I'm loving the matte as well! I always want to go stamp after I see your posts.. but alas. I still suck!

  3. OMG! I love this!

  4. Thanks for your comments - I think I'm tending towards the matte look! lol

  5. love, love, love them matte!


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