Monday 3 October 2011

The Amazing Zoya Charla!

I haven't had a lot of experience with Zoya polishes as they aren't widely available in NZ and this lovely is from a haul from

Wow - I just can't believe how striking this polish is, I just can't stop looking at it. While it's probably been reviewed and swatched to death - it's new to me! It's very difficult to accurately capture Charla's true colour but these photos are a pretty good likeness I think. In some lights this polish looks more blue that green.

I love this blue/green emerald sparkliness with a hint of gold. The formula goes on smoothly for glitter and is opaque in two coats and I was impressed by how quickly it dries, having read on some other blogs that Zoya polishes can tend to take a bit longer to dry. I'll happily put up with that to be able to feel confident that the polish I'm using is 3 free (plus camphor).

Onto the piccies  . . .

Probably the best colour representation


  1. very pretty indeed! I still don't have a zoya polish -- never really wanna pay full price for it. haha

  2. yeah so totally hard to get here! I want the Christmas collection so bad with the long glitter. I might try the site you used for these.

  3. So very pretty! I love teals like this! And Zoya polishes are so nice

  4. Ah! I wish I had read this blog before I made my new purchase for Zoya's sale. This color is fantastic! I now have a new color to obsess about.


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