Monday 10 October 2011

China Glaze Ingrid

Even though Ingrid is a subtle, neutral golden taupe/mid brown (is that too many adjectives? lol), I would say that is one of my all time favourite polishes. I just love the way the gold micro shimmer catches in the sunlight. I could wear this every day, if only I could get over my compelling need to change my polish every five minutes! Ingrid has a lovely opaque formula and its probably just me, but I found this China Glaze brush very easy to use.

Behold, the lovely Ingrid from the Vintage Vixen collection . . .


  1. Oh wow, when I enlarged the photo, you can really see the awesome goldish shimmer in it! So awesome! My kind of polish!

  2. Micro shimmer is dangerous. I could stare at my nails all day long with that on. It's a beautiful color.

  3. I have this and love it!! Really Love it!

  4. that's a great color! I’m a new follower, check out my blog Makeup Majesty if you’re interested!

  5. This is my all-time favourite polish! Thanks for your comments.


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