Wednesday 5 October 2011

Cult Nails - Awakening

Following my exciting 'nail mail' yesterday I'd like to share Cult Nails Awakening with you.

Awakening is a dark teal creme with a fairly thin jelly like formula. I actually found it to be quite a challenge to apply carefully and these pictures show three coats. That said, once I got used to how it flowed it became a lot easier, and coupled with the fact that it dries super fast - and I am very impressed! And on top of that it is 4 free so it's winner all the way!

I am in love with this gorgeous slate blue teal. The finish is super shiny and these photos are without a topcoat . . .


  1. kinda looks like OPI Ski teal we drop! It's super pretty! I love this kind of shades!

  2. I jsut love this one! I have it too!

  3. Beautiful color. The shine is amazing.

  4. This is such a beautiful blue! I want it!

  5. Thanks for your comments - I LOVE this colour.

  6. Beautiful color, perfect work =)


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