Saturday 23 February 2013

Color Club - Over the Moon Halo Hues Collection!!

Wowzers! I certainly don't have anything like this in my collection - this polish literally comes to life on my finger tips.

This gorgeous bright blue has a very strong linear holo effect in the sun. In the shade it becomes a more muted silver denim blue. I used a regular base coat and two thin coats and no top coat. The application was simple - no hassles with pulling or streaking and extremely quick drying.

In the sun . . .

Bottle shot . . .

In the shade . . .

This polish was kindly sent to me by


  1. I like it but I think the darker colour kills the holo effect a bit

  2. I am expecting this in the mail and I hope it is a sunny day when I open the package! It is so gorgeous on you! :D The anticipation is killing me!


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