Friday 6 April 2012

A England Princess Sabra

Confession time! I wondered what all the hype about A England polishes was about. I've seen many posts about this brand and it wasn't until I read somewhere that this site has FREE international shipping that I considered having a look. The website is easy to use and while the cost of the polishes is at the upper end at 9 pounds each (bearing in mind that a UK pound is doubled to NZ currency), the fact that they generously offer free shipping won me over. So I bought Princess Sabra pictured below.

This is scattered holographic polish which applies like butter and dries super quickly. The colour is a gorgeous gold which has green undertones. I can't believe I haven't tried these polishes until now! I bought some other polishes and will post them next week some time.

This shows two coats - unfortunately I couldn't get a shot in the sun - since it's autumn and we don't have any!


  1. This is so beautiful!! :D

  2. Yay i bought this one and a lot of others when they had 30% store wide! I'm still waiting for them to be shipped, so sad I missed out on St. George!! Boo!

    Beautiful colour!


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