Saturday, 25 February 2012

Essie Foot Loose with stamping

I just can't go past a vibrant purple/pink and Essie's Foot Loose definitely checks that box! Foot Loose is a gorgeous blue based creme. I struggled a bit with the brush with this polish - it is tiny! I guess that could just be in comparision to an OPI brush which huge in my opinion. The formula is gel like and opaque in two coats - well nearly one actually. I have to do two coats for good measure - it doesn't seem right to do just one!

I didn't get a photo of it on it's own, but this is my favourite way to stamp - a metallic polish stamped over a creme base.

Anyway here's how I wore it . . .

Base colour: Essie Foot Loose
Nail plate: QA 16
Stamp colour: China Glaze Harmony
Topped with Essie Good to Go


  1. carimbada fantastica!
    eu amo essas plaquinhas!
    a cor que você escolheu ficou formidavél!

    Nana Pinho Em Cores

    Reciclar Moda do Bem


    bjO =**

  2. Gorgeous! Love the choice of colours (:

  3. It looks like some kind of oriental print- I love it!

  4. Love the stamp on this! So awesome!

  5. Adorable. I loved the stamp and the color combination!


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